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Fuel truck - Serving the Area for Over 35 Years
Fuel truck - Serving the Area for Over 35 Years
Fuel truck - Serving the Area for Over 35 Years

James Cavill Fuels: Delivery to Your Door since 1974

Heating Oil, Fuels and Lubricants

James Cavill Fuels provides excellent home heating oil, farm fuels, specialized fuels and quality lubricants to residential, agricultural and construction customers in locations throughout Bruce County. During all seasons the Cavills have delivered great service to their community and its inhabitants. Jim has kept many families warm and cozy when the weather was less than kind. From Hanover to Elmwood, Chesley, Paisley and Tara, as well as other surrounding communities, the Cavills were there in all four seasons to keep fuel tanks from running dry.

Residential, Agricultural and Construction

In addition to home heating fuels, James Cavill Fuels also provides products and services for agricultural and construction fuel applications. We supply farmers with gas and diesel for their heavy equipment and farm implements, as well as clear and dyed diesel and gas to meet the needs of the local construction industry.

To Your Door Delivery

James Cavill Fuels is your dependable source for all types of fuels and lubricants in the community. Contact us for:

  • Farm fuels

  • Home heating oil

  • Commercial fuels

  • Quality lubricants

  • Diesel and gasoline

  • Equal billing plans




Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Service Area

  • Tara

  • Chesley

  • Paisley

  • Elmwood

  • Hanover

  • Surrounding area

Our History - Learn about our company.
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